Sky technique

In any job, is very important the technique of its implementation and skiing isn’t an exception. To get the maximum benefit and enjoyment of skiing, you need to follow certain rules. Читать далее


Bukovel infrastructure

Bukovel has long been renowned for its unforgettable resort. With its developed infrastructure, here you can fully enjoy living in comfortable hotels, be impressed by the high-quality ski trails and get a lot of unforgettable pleasant feelings, observing beauty of the Carpathians nature. Читать далее


How to choose the right ski for skiing in the Carpathians?

Every experienced skier knows that the quality of skiing depends on the right choice of skis. Today a variety of skis is just incredible, so it’s hard to choose the right one. How to choose the best skis for you? Читать далее


Unforgettable rest in Bukovel

Anyone, who has ever visited the Carpathians, never forget those indescribable sceneries that reveal the peaks of the mountains. According to many, the Carpathians — a place that, first of all, should visit those, who want to experience an unforgettable unity with nature. Читать далее


Summer Bukovel

Bukovel is famous for its unforgettable vacation not only in winter but in summer. In summer it blooms, it is possible to breathe the fresh mountain air or enjoy the waterfall. If you adore such kind of a holiday, you should visit «Pidhiria», which invites tourists from early May until mid-September. What can you see in summer Bukovel and what monuments can you find here? Читать далее


Rafting in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Rafting — is a recreational outdoor activity, which use an inflatable raft to navigate a mountain river of Transcarpathia. This is probably one of the most popular pastime of our and European tourists. Those, who want to conquer the mountain rivers every year becomes more and more. Rafting — is a real extreme with lots of unforgettable feelings. Читать далее


Where to snowboard in Ukraine?

The Carpathians – is one of a few places that perfectly fits for a winter holiday and snowboarding. The majority of questioned snowboarders choose Bukovel resort and it has plenty of reasons. Firstly, Bukovel is situated at elevation of 900 m (3,000 ft) above sea level near the village of Polianytsia. Читать далее


The secrets of successful vacation in Bukovel

Bukovel – is the most popular ski resort in Ukraine. Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists from Ukraine and Europe. By its infrastructure and comfort Bukovel is not inferior to the popular European resorts. This is the place where you should definitely go on vacation with your family. Читать далее


Green tourism in the summer Carpathians

If you want to get a lot of unforgettable memories during summer vacation, you should go to the Carpathians. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, clean air and outdoor activities with family and friends. So, where can you relax in the Carpathians and what can you see? Читать далее