FlySurf в Буковеле

FlySurf in Bukovel

It has not been a secret that these kinds of outdoor activities like riding a banana boat, open top tube, or water scooter, water skiing are bored. This «standard» set of water attractions are no longer in great demand. Do you want to get adrenaline, drive and new emotions? Would you like to fly like a superman or swim like a dolphin? That’s why, you should obviously try FlySurf!

What is FLySurf

FlySurf — is a new water attraction for active leisure and extreme lovers. It consists of a pair boots, which is fasten to the jet ski with a special hose. When the jet of water is giving, FlySurf with a person is flying.

Is it safe?

It is a completely safe water attraction. The required attributes are a helmet and a life jacket. Managing the flyboard is very simple: it looks like a normal walking, but instead the ground under your feet will be powerful jet of water.

Who can fly?

Everyone can try FlySurf if his/her age reached 14 years and body weight from 45 till 130 kg

How does FlySurf work in Bukovel?

Flysurf in Bukovel has two stages: the first – on land (safety, training), the second – on water (the flight itself).


  • Introductory flight (8 min.) — 389 UAH;
  • A quarter session flight (15 min.) — 689 UAH;
  • A half session flight (30 min. – two 15 min. sessions) – 1 289 UAH;
  • • The whole session flight ( 60 min. – four 15 min. sessions)two 10 min. sessions) – 2 489 UAH.

Where to find?

FlySurf in Bukovel you can find near the Lake of youth , the lower station of ski lift №14.