Services and infrastructure

Services and infrastructure

Hotel complex Pidhiria — it’s merriment and full range of services for guests leisure. Everyone can find their favourite kind of a pastime. We have created such conditions that you have everything you need. Considerate staff and quality service. This is what we are really proud of. We hope that you will share this feeling with us.

So, these are the services we provide:

Ski rental

Going to a ski resort, you should not worry about the equipment — we provide rental skis. Superior quality and 100% availability are guaranteed.
Bike hire point

The service, which is popular in the summer season. So nice to ride on narrow mountain paths, enjoying meadows and inhailing freedom!

It is a perfect place to warm up after skiing and improve health, chat with friends. There is also a swimming pool and a relaxation room in the bathhouse.
Summer pool

During hot days, so nice to plunge into the pool, which is located right in the yard of our complex. Nearby there are chaise longues, where you can get tanned and enjoy amazing beauty of nature.

For our small guests, we also have something – this is a playground with a trampoline and a slide. Be sure, your children will not get bored.

A wonderful place to spend time, celebrate a birthday or hold a banquet. This is a restaurant of Ukrainian and European cuisine will, definitely, impress with its diversity.

Quick, tasty and satisfying meal you can order in our pizzeria. Easy, relaxed atmosphere and a wide selection of dishes will please the fans of Italian cuisine.
Billiard room

What to do in a spare time? Play a set in billiards. There are also sofas and chairs for the support team.
Salt room

This is an extraordinary and magical place. Nice light, cozy atmosphere make you relaxed, and salt room features help to improve your health.

Indoor swimming pool
The indoor heated pool, 7*20m in size, is located in a new building.
Entrance is 100 UAH.
Works from 10 am to 9 pm.