By bus or train
You can get to by bus or train to Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil or Lviv
• Іvano–Frankivsk- TC “Bukovel”.- 110 km
• Lviv — TC “Bukovel”- 245 km
•Ternopil- TC “Bukovel”- 250 km
• Chernivtsi — TC “Bukovel”- 160 km
By personal transport
When using your personal transport, on route from any city of Ukraine (except Chernivtsi or Uzhgorod), you should get to Ivano-Frankivsk first. To reach TC “Bukovel” from Ivano-Frankivsk (110 km) you should travel through Nadvirna and Yaremche to wnsand then Mykulychyn and Tatariv villages. There is a lot of free parking on the territory of TC «Bukovel».
By airplane
You can travel by plane to Ivano-Frankivsk or Lviv.
• Ivano — Frankisk -
TC “Bukovel”.— 110 км
• Lviv- TC “Bukovel” — 245 км

Ivano-Frankivsk region, Yaremchanskyi district, v. Polianytsia, st.Vyshnia 164 b