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Pizzeria in Bukovel

Pizzeria in Bukovel

Do you want a quick and tasty snack after an active rest? We has to please you–hotel complex Pidhiria in Bukovel has its own pizzeria. Cozy and comfortable atmosphere, wide range of pizzas and drinks, low prices – what else do you need?

What can we offer?

Real pizza – is a crispflatbreadand more than 15 types of filling. Choose on your taste – with sea products, meat pizzas with salamiand hunter’s sausages, cheese, vegetarian or with beef. Except pizza, there is a variety of salads, spaghetti, soups and desserts. Here you can have a quick and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the dishes we prepare for a day, so you can be assured of the freshness and quality of products.


The interior of the pizzeria in the hotel Pidhiria is very simple – wooden tables and chairs, bright two-level suspended ceiling, stone decorations and large windows, which give the light and more space. There is a plasma TV on the wall and a fireplace in the corner.


We welcome all!

A lot of guests from mother hotels visit our pizzeria, which we are certainly proud of. Come and warm up by the fire place, watch football over a bottle of beer and enjoy delicious pizza. We guarantee you the most friendly atmosphere and excellent service ever!

  • The maximum number of people: 60
  • It is open till 22.00

Pizza on firewood

Пицца на дровах

Chef’s special «Pidhiria»
(cheese, pastrami, pepper, jamon)
400 g145 uah
Kalcone (closed pizza)
(cheese, ham, mushrooms, salami, pepper)
400 g 135 uah
(cheese, ham, pineapple)
400 g 130 uah
(cheese, tomato)
400 g 98 uah
(cheese, salami)
400 g 105 uah
(cheese mozzarella, bacon, hot pepper)
400 g 154 uah
(cheese mozzarella, Parmesan, dor blu, russian cheese)
400 g 160 uah
(cheese, bacon, chicken fillet, tomato)
400 g 125 uah
(cheese, salmon, lemon)
400 g 150 uah
(cheese, corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper)
400 g 98 uah
(cheese, spinach, chicken fillet, cream)
480 g 105 uah
(cheese parmesan, oregano, olive oil)
200 g 39 uah
(cheese mozzarella, dry tomatoes, arugula, pork loin)
420 g 140 uah
Pizza crust30 uah




Cheese50 g12 uah
Ham50 g18 uah
Salami50 g18 uah
Bacon50 g15 uah
Hunter’s sausages50 g15 uah
Chicken fillet50 g12 uah
Egg50 g5 uah
Tomatoes50 g5 uah
Green peas50 g3 uah
Corn50 g3 uah
Mushrooms50 g15 uah
Pineapples50 g10 uah
Onion50 g3 uah
Garlic50 g3 uah
Pepper50 g10 uah
Оlives50 g16 uah




Garlic sauce50 g20 uah
Chili sauce50 g20 uah
Ketchup50 g15 uah
Mayonnaise50 g15 uah