Segway в Буковеле

Segway in Bukovel

It is maneuverable, silent, reliable, environmentally safe and compact, allows you to quickly overcome various distances. It is compared with the scooter, electric scooter and bicycle. Haven’t you guessed about what we were talking? Right, of course, it is a segway — wheeled electric vehicle with an automatic balancing system.

Segway in Bukovel

The segway first appeared in 2001, its inventor Dean Kamen (USA) spent 10 years for its creation. In 2006 there was a modernization of the steering wheel — turns were carried out not by pressing buttons, but with a help of turns of the steering wheel.

How does segway work

The main feature of the segway is the automatic balancing system that responds to the slightest change in body position of a person standing on the platform of the vehicle. To start, you simply bend forward. The more angle — the higher the rate. Once the person inclines back — the segway starts to move in the opposite direction.

The segway has a very high resistance. Fall from it is usually possible by careless driving on sharp turns and high speed. Everyone can ride it — from children to the old folks.

Segway rental in Bukovel

The fans of amazing mountain scenery and walks in the open air should try the segway in Bukovel. The scooter easily overcomes obstacles and gets in places where the car impossible to drive. You will be able to move quickly with minimum effort.

Where you can find the Segway in Bukovel: near the lower station of ski lift № 2.
Opening hours: from 9 am- till 6 pm.


The price on the segway in Bukovel depends on the length of rental:

  • 5 min – 45 UAH;
  • 15 min – 100 UAH;
  • 30 min – 200 UAH;
  • 1 hour – 400 UAH;

We would like to pay your attention that such services as instructing and delivery of segways are provided additionally.