Snow biking in Bukovel

Snow biking in Bukovel

You can’t ski or snowboard, but you want to spend your winter holidays in Bukovel actively, don’t you? So, it’s time to ride snow bikes!

What is a snow bike?

Snow bike — is a «bike» with skis instead of wheels. First, this kind of sport was invented for people, who do not have enough strength in his legs for ski mountaineering. Currently, this type of leisure became very popular.

Snow biking in Bukovel

Its design allows to climb any mountain in any lift since the weight of «snow bike» ranges from 3 to 7 kg.

Is it difficult to ride a snow bike?

Learning to ride the snow bike — is the easiest you’ve ever done, no matter whether you are an experienced skier or snowboarder. If you can ride a bicycle, think that you have already obtained all the basic skills for snow biking.

For confident riding just one lesson (lasts up to two hours) with an instructor is enough.

Who can snow bike?

Snow bike can ride both adults and children from 4 years. «Snow bike» is maneuverable, easy to operate, suitable for different styles of riding. It should be mentioned that snow bikes reduce the risk of getting sports injuries.

Where to ride a snow bike in Bukovel, prices

Ride a snowbike, you can on the trail, which is located near the lower lift station №2.

Tuition fee it ranges from 200 up to 300 UAH per hour. Price depends on number of students, day of the week and hours of classes. Training is held at the ski school (located opposite the hotel Shelter).
Snow bike rental in Bukovel for a day is 200 UAH
Working time: December to March, from 09:00 am to 5:30 pm daily.