Snow Tubing in Bukovel

Snow Tubing in Bukovel

If you are looking for a fun and exciting winter fun, you have got to head straight to Bukovel and try snow tubing!
Snow tubing – is a ride down a small slope on inflatable snow sleds (tubes). This type of active rest has become very popular lately, because in order to move down the hill, you shouldn’t do some special training — just enjoy the ride and have fun. It should also be mentioned that from sledding, snow tubing is less traumatic.

Snow biking in Bukovel

Who can snow tube?

The answer is simple — people of all ages. For Snow Tubing there are 2 tubing lanes: one of them for adults and kids ages 3 and older, the other – for adults and kids ages 8 and older. The lengths of slopes is 100m and 230m. The carpet lift is provided.

What affects speed on the slopes?

Speed may vary slightly depending on the weather. If you are a lover of fast driving, the best time for riding — cold days or after sunset. On warm days on the slopes speed may decrease.

What to do, if there is no snow

Do not worry! The current system of snow cannons in Bukovel allows to ride in any weather all winter.

Where to find prices and opening hours of snow tubing in Bukovel?

The snow lane, which length is 100 m, is located in the central area, near the hotel «Shelter.» The snow lane, which length is 230 m, is located at the bottom lift station №2

Tuition fee it ranges from 200 up to 300 UAH per hour. Price depends on number of students, day of the week and hours of classes. Training is held at the ski school (located opposite the hotel Shelter).


  • The cost of one ride— 25 UAH
  • One hour — 150 UAH
  • Two hours — 250 UAH

Opening hours: December— March, from 9am till 5pm daily.