Зорбинг в Буковеле

Zorbing in Bukovel

    Have you ever watched, as the ball rolls down the hill? How would you react to that, if you were inside this ball? If this sounds strange, you are right. If this sounds funny, you are right too. Zorbing — is one of extreme sports, rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic.

    Zorbing in Bukovel

    From zorbing’s history

    Zorbing — is a relatively young kind of sport. For the first time, the idea to get into the sphere and roll downhill came to mind to Dwane van der Sluis (France) in 1973. The first zorb was considerably smaller, than modern. It was used as an alternative of snowboarding. In the 90-th of XX century Dwayne van der Slyuys and Andrew Akers from New Zealand improved the zorb, they picked the optimal size and selected the most suitable materials for its construction.

    Modern zorb – is double-sectioned, with one ball inside the other with an air layer in between. The air level good amortizes, that’s why, the risk of injury is reduced. It is not worth worrying that the zorb would burst, the pressure between spheres — is low.

    This type of outdoor activities received great popularity in Europe as well as in China, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States.

    Currently, there are several types of zorbing: zorbing hill (downhill), hydro zorbing (down the water inside the zorb), aqua zorbing (zorbing on water surface), snow zorbing (downhill the snowy slope).

    Zorbing routes in Bukovel

    Where: you can find zorbing at the lower station of ski lift № 2.
    How much: the price of one ride — 50 UAH


    Zorbing is prohibited to pregnant women, epileptics, and also people, who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There are also restrictions on weight: bodyweight must not exceed 100 kg.